Sunday, November 10, 2019

Success is NOT a destination, BUT RATHER YOUR OWN journey through life. What is success? Who defines your success? I know people who believe success comes from a certain amount of a dollars you have in your bank account.

& a bit of my roller coaster ride  and how it ended up being a road trip pretty much around the entire United States.  Throughput my travels I enjoyed a bit of 4 different states while traveling around the US. I have went all four seasons of the weather. It was hot, then it was cold, then others were warm & some others were chilly & breezy.  
Drove through snow & ice, with a few inches on the ground & the next was a beautiful sunny day for the beach.  I got to explore various terrains which I had never been through in my 47 yrs here on this earth,  I can say I have been a traveler for as long as I can remember... & I love each passin

Monday, March 11, 2019

Sunflower day

Be someone's sunflower today... life is short,  we as humans get overwhelmed with all the hustle & bustle in life, many distractions nowadays.  
It's ok to smile,  share a hello, that simple hello may be the only 1 they encounter throughout the entire day.  We never know what the next person is going through.  It cost nothing to brighten another's day.  It will make you feel good too. 😉 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

FABULOUS I AM. COM / Facebook page too

This is my LOGO ... My BRAND...
My name is TOBEY PICA
I am the creator / founder of fabulous I am. 
This is WHAT MY God instilled in me to share with you.  
I came up with a acronym for FABULOUS....
I wanted to create a platform that was designed by a woman for WOMEN who want build & empower WOMEN. 
We ALL have a purpose here in life.  
It's up to us to realize & recognize our worth.  We determine how others will treat us by how they see we treat ourselves.  As women too many times we are being knocked down or allowing others to determine how we are going to live,  act, treat ourselves & be treated.  We accept  living in toxic environments, whether it's the neighborhood we live in, home life,  work,  kids,  sometimes the so called family, friends or lovers are who we get treated poorly from the most.  

We as women are strong queens!! 

Somedays we just simply CANNOT see our true value / worth when there's so many other distractions going on around us.  
At times we can become so accustomed to them it becomes our normal.  We will stay,  in bitter situation.  I'd say some stay out of fear, comfort,  the thought of starting over again is a nightmare. The wrong reasons,  aka... the children, & others simply that's all they know.  Once you've felt displacement & uncomfortablity in your life,  we accept allot more than the average woman would. 
Most of it stems from our youth, and what we absorbed from our upbringing.   

I used to ask & question myself all the time.
What is my life's purpose?  
I've always been multi talented,  I have done allot of stuff, had many (JOB... JUST OVER BROKE), went to schools for trades,  started my own businesses. I was NEVER completely fulfilled.  
It took me many years & many tears for me to finally figure it out.  
Thank God I know now... 

There's no excuses, nothing holding me back,  nothing in my way to stop me.
I have had to many set backs to count,  I wouldn't even know how many hours of hard work, sweat, tears,  struggles,  name changes,  edits,  do overs,  deletes and everything else that comes along with being a self made, entrepreneur & building your own BRAND.
I will NOT give up! 
I am here to 
Motivate you,
Inspire you,
Push you & I'm sure some harsh words you might NOT have wanted you hear or face.  (you will probably WANT to give up)  but giving up is NOT an option.  

I want fabulous I am to be here for you to give you that extra UMP you need to keep pushing yourself with the dedication, determination & drive that you need to get you where your destined to go.  YOU can achieve ALL your dreams & goals, you can live the fulfilled life you always imagined.  Dreams do come true...
We believe in YOU to help YOU believe in YOU!
Fabulous I am is here to build you up to become the best version of ourselves we can possibly be.  

You are ALL welcome to use this platform to share knowledge,  experiences,  mentorship,  networking, smiles, laughs,  jokes , or maybe a even tears. (Hopefully happy ones from accomplishments achieved) this is an outlet to connect, vent,  build relationships,  friendships, & business partners, 
Share plans or ideas.  Even just be A friendly face to make new members feel welcomed.  😁

NEVER give up on your dreams & continue working towards WHATEVER is your life's purpose. 
YOU are YOUR greatest masterpiece.
Whatever is instilled inside you is designed specifically for YOU.  Show it off!

You can join our Facebook page too. ##fullfillyourlifespurpose  💖