Monday, March 11, 2019

Sunflower day

Be someone's sunflower today... life is short,  we as humans get overwhelmed with all the hustle & bustle in life, many distractions nowadays.  
It's ok to smile,  share a hello, that simple hello may be the only 1 they encounter throughout the entire day.  We never know what the next person is going through.  It cost nothing to brighten another's day.  It will make you feel good too. 😉 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

FABULOUS I AM. COM / Facebook page too

This is my LOGO ... My BRAND...
My name is TOBEY PICA
I am the creator / founder of fabulous I am. 
This is WHAT MY God instilled in me to share with you.  
I came up with a acronym for FABULOUS....
I wanted to create a platform that was designed by a woman for WOMEN who want build & empower WOMEN. 
We ALL have a purpose here in life.  
It's up to us to realize & recognize our worth.  We determine how others will treat us by how they see we treat ourselves.  As women too many times we are being knocked down or allowing others to determine how we are going to live,  act, treat ourselves & be treated.  We accept  living in toxic environments, whether it's the neighborhood we live in, home life,  work,  kids,  sometimes the so called family, friends or lovers are who we get treated poorly from the most.  

We as women are strong queens!! 

Somedays we just simply CANNOT see our true value / worth when there's so many other distractions going on around us.  
At times we can become so accustomed to them it becomes our normal.  We will stay,  in bitter situation.  I'd say some stay out of fear, comfort,  the thought of starting over again is a nightmare. The wrong reasons,  aka... the children, & others simply that's all they know.  Once you've felt displacement & uncomfortablity in your life,  we accept allot more than the average woman would. 
Most of it stems from our youth, and what we absorbed from our upbringing.   

I used to ask & question myself all the time.
What is my life's purpose?  
I've always been multi talented,  I have done allot of stuff, had many (JOB... JUST OVER BROKE), went to schools for trades,  started my own businesses. I was NEVER completely fulfilled.  
It took me many years & many tears for me to finally figure it out.  
Thank God I know now... 

There's no excuses, nothing holding me back,  nothing in my way to stop me.
I have had to many set backs to count,  I wouldn't even know how many hours of hard work, sweat, tears,  struggles,  name changes,  edits,  do overs,  deletes and everything else that comes along with being a self made, entrepreneur & building your own BRAND.
I will NOT give up! 
I am here to 
Motivate you,
Inspire you,
Push you & I'm sure some harsh words you might NOT have wanted you hear or face.  (you will probably WANT to give up)  but giving up is NOT an option.  

I want fabulous I am to be here for you to give you that extra UMP you need to keep pushing yourself with the dedication, determination & drive that you need to get you where your destined to go.  YOU can achieve ALL your dreams & goals, you can live the fulfilled life you always imagined.  Dreams do come true...
We believe in YOU to help YOU believe in YOU!
Fabulous I am is here to build you up to become the best version of ourselves we can possibly be.  

You are ALL welcome to use this platform to share knowledge,  experiences,  mentorship,  networking, smiles, laughs,  jokes , or maybe a even tears. (Hopefully happy ones from accomplishments achieved) this is an outlet to connect, vent,  build relationships,  friendships, & business partners, 
Share plans or ideas.  Even just be A friendly face to make new members feel welcomed.  😁

NEVER give up on your dreams & continue working towards WHATEVER is your life's purpose. 
YOU are YOUR greatest masterpiece.
Whatever is instilled inside you is designed specifically for YOU.  Show it off!

You can join our Facebook page too. ##fullfillyourlifespurpose  💖

Monday, August 21, 2017


Today is a day to honor Danyelaa Johnson for being FABULOUS I AM!!! 

Danyelaa is an amazing woman, to start off, she is beautiful, smart, definitely has a sense of style and most of all a great mother.  Danyelaa at one time was overweight and she beat that battle.... for the past few years she has kept the weight off and has stayed in shape with her healthy eating habits. 

I am honored to call her fabulous, as that is what she is... 
Along her journey, she has accomplished many things, as she continues to move forward working on her dreams and goals. She has achieved success as a model as she is currently working on her own clothing line. One that is for men & women of all ages that are classy & sexy but also has an empowering appeal to it as well. This has been an inspiration from her late father who passed when she was just 10 years of age. His love for fashion remains a passion of her's to keep alive. Just as his name also reflects the name of her company & line. 

Although Danyelaa did not realize how much work is put into building your own brand and company she still believes in her dreams and is going to make it work, regardless of the roadblocks she may come across.  So she has started taking some small business classes to increase her knowledge. 
There is much work to be done when building your own brand and label and when you are first starting out you think you can do it alone but the fact remains it takes a team to build an empire. 

Danyelaa believes ( the number 1 thing you must do, believe in self)  & in her products as she is designing apparel, furniture, home goods, body products and more...  Her all time goal is to see her brand in all major stores/household's as she wants her son to enjoy a fantastic future to be able to live off her and her father's legacy. 
Go head gurl, that's def inspiring! 

That is pretty FABULOUS & that is why I am honoring you FABULOUS I AM!!!

Monday, August 14, 2017


I am absolutely pleasured to honor Tina Chandler for this week's FABULOUS I AM....
This woman truly deserves this... Tina is a personal trainer and professional body builder.

Tina has worked in rehab & as a massage therapist before turning Pro, but her real passion comes from empowering others, helping them see the "light bulb" go off within themselves so they can begin to make changes in their daily routine.

We are women and human beings so sure, she had some of her own battles and struggles, as any of us do, we start then stop, she was determined, she finally got over that hump & was able to take total control over her own body and eating habits. Once this happened Tina was able to take herself and career to the next level. Now she wants to enlighten everyone so they can feel as fabulous as she does! Tina claims it to be: FREEDOM!
I claim it as FABULOUS!!!

Tina also volunteers her time and talents with one on one training and coaching in every department of fitness, including nutrition to a number of clients who live with different disabilities, including Cerebral Palsy, MS, MD, Downs Syndrome, Spina Bifida, and more. Also donating time at events to raise awareness for these disabilities as well.

She has achieved and accomplished so much already. How do you top that?  Well, there's more. Some of her other goals include starting a family with her wonderful and amazing husband, Carl Ducena, and get back on stage to compete in the Olympia once again, and have the world witness the tried and true way to achieve fitness!

You are doing what you love & love what you do!!!
Thank You for being such an inspiration to others!

Tina Chandler, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
AllFit, LLC/Normal To Be Fit™




In the e-mail above, I will be presenting my opinions and I do not, in any way, shape or form use, encourage, nor condone the use of any illegal or controlled substances.
"Nothing contained herein is to be construed as Medical Advice.  Use of any drugs and exercise regiment should only be done under the directions and auspices of a licensed physician. The writer does not claim to be a medical doctor nor does he purport to issue medical advice."

Sunday, August 6, 2017


Today I am writing about this Jersey Girl a very strong woman. Wendy gets an honor today for being FABULOUS I AM.
She is over 40 beautiful, and in awesome shape.
This woman here creates her income from her passion which is fitness and nutrition, Wendy studied MSC sport and exercise psychology at Brookdale Community College so she knows what foods are good for you, a healthy way of eating, figuring a plan to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. She says when you eat whole foods it reduces many health issues and she loves to educate those on a daily basis about it.  Wendy also donates her time to those who really can't afford private or personal trainers. That's a great way to give back. Inspiration to others.
Although she does have another love and passion, that is for bully breed dogs, still and all she will rescue any type of animal those are just the ones she has the most love for. 
you can find her here and get more information about her training and schedule 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fabulous I am...

Happy Thursday

Have you ever had a day and fabulous was something you were not feeling?
I believe any woman can relate.
We are only human, you can love, value your life, family, & career  
Everything is fine, then you just have a off day.
You forgot about you...
Your so busy taking care of everyone else's needs...
What about yours?

That is when you have to stop
Take some time out for you
Maybe a little prayer & meditation time
That is always a wonderful thing to release any tension build up from your day...
Something as small as 10 minutes can be just what you needed.
Rejuvenate, freshen your mind, body, spirit and energy
So you can get back to being you!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Faith and Belief Unites Love Of Understanding self

What is Fabulous I AM?
Fabulous stands for


These women on my blog have faith and belief in either God, A Higher Power, Universal Energy,
Whatever you choose to call GOD! but most important they have belief in themselves.
They fought the good fight against failure at one time or another and WON! Not allowing them to be knocked down or defeated.
We are human, and women it's called life, we have up's and down's, good and bad times. These women have risen above it all.  
To be successful you have to overcome some sort of struggle, failure or unsuccessful try in figuring who you are, and where you are going, & your business.
I would like to honor & applaud women who are Fabulous for you are an inspiration to others
You ladies followed your dreams, believed in self, you do what you love and you love what you do. You help many others and created your value in the marketplace with your services.
That's FABULOUS!!!

I wish you ladies many more blessings and much more success
keep doing what you are doing
You are doing a great job!!!