Wednesday, January 29, 2020

YOUR journey belongs to you & yours is special & originally created by YOU for just YOU!!!

You are your own creator.... embrace your creativity, originality, diversity,  & individuality.
Love WHO you are, from the inside out &,  if you don't already,  learn to love the person you are or WHO you have grown to become, 
 Look deep within,  &  love yourself the way NO other WOULD or COULD!!! 

The greatest gift of life....
WHAT an amazing roller coaster & 
WE ALL get to ride! 
This ride has got to be the best.  
It's the tallest, & the fastest. 
The highest peaks & with the lowest drops 
There will be times it seems like it goes tooo fast,  almost as a lightening flash. 
these are the times you want to last,  but now their just memories in the past. 
You will hear the sounds of thunder crash, all awhile the lights will flash.
ppl cry cause humans pass, while the other side they sit n laugh. 

This is how your emotions are cast
There's happy n sad there's good & bad,
There will be great joy even at times you may think you were mad.  
 & precious bliss, even the times you think you've missed.
Stay your upbeat cheerful self & make sure you take care of self...
Don't you know? 
#healthistherealwealth ?

This ride might push you through the darkest tunnels 
leaving your lips to scream & mumble 
Then your stomach starts to ache & grumble,  all because your insecure fumbles, leaving your heart crushed & tumbled, Until you finally cave in & crumble.  
You feel like noone seems to care that you are living your worst nightmare
You think back, this was all a dare 
Your in a trance or more of a stare n now your screaming it's dark down there
These upside down n humongous loops
Spinning round n round like holla hoops

You don't kno how you'll make it through
Just keep the faith n you'll be kool 😁✌

You might NOT know how you will make it through.  These upside down & humongous hoops
Just keep the faith & you'll

You have to work to change your thinking, as  you kno it sure is stinking... 
The right decision wouldn't leave you drinking 
That shit there will leave you sinking 
N that's not a life for a healthy living.  

forever, you don't see any chance of it ever getting better. 

eeing the light. It can have you going through the roughest & toughest twists, & turns, that will spin you dizzy.  

The corkscrews will have you twisting through, 

 this will pass 
you have to go through just 
so you can make it across the top just so you can get to the other side.  
Your mind can bear to even imagine this experience butt.... GUESS WHAT? 
YOU didn't realize you were already standing in the line. 
Say your prayers before your leave
 & always remember to give THANKS for all the beautiful blessings that were specifically designed for just YOU.  

The gift of life will take you on the biggest, fastest, highest, ride with the most spins,  turns, corkscrews & 
& enjoy the biggest & baddest roller coaster ride   Life is the best roller coaster you will ever ride on... 
It might bring you up before it drops you down, speed you up before it slows you down. Take you through a dark twisted tunnel is just a test to see if you crumble. 

& a bit of my roller coaster ride  and how it ended up being a road trip pretty much around the entire United States.  Throughput my travels I enjoyed a bit of 4 different states while traveling around the US. I have went all four seasons of the weather. It was hot, then it was cold, then others were warm & some others were chilly & breezy.  
Drove through snow & ice, with a few inches on the ground & the next was a beautiful sunny day for the beach.  I got to explore various terrains which I had never been through in my 47 yrs here on this earth,  I can say I have been a traveler for as long as I can remember... & I love each passing phase of my journeys.  They weren't ALL good, & weren't ALL bad either.  
Life is what WE make it, I agree with Forrest Gump momma.  
Life is like a box of chocolates,  YOU REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR GONNA GET.  
You cannot have 1 without the other.  
We must have good, with the bad,  as darkness & light.  The sun & the moon.  It's all about how the stars in our great big galaxy align.  
There is always balance and life is gonna happen no matter what.  So it's the way we react to a situation at that specific time which will determine your later days to come.  What matters is how you deal with it,  
We are ALL product of what we have absorbed as children,  & in yrs of growing & learning.  
We are kings & queens,  prince's & princesses. 
God will take us through our trials & tribulations to help us gain knowledge,  wisdom,  & understanding that teaches us how to deal with that situation if it ever comes across our path again.  
There are no rules,  YOUR RULES are the only 1s that apply to you personally.  
Just as there aren't any guarantees in life except to die.  Nothing is permanent 
& everything in this life is ONLY temporary.  

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