Saturday, January 2, 2021

I looked into doing podcasts & different platforms to share my thoughts,  stories,  writings, information.  
I have come across plenty over the years,  buttt as technology & everything is evolving I never found the right 1 that I felt was user friendly & also able to earn a income from it. 
Vocal is something I looked into a while ago buttt you had to have a laptop to create a account.  
I guess they upgraded cause you can create straight from your mobile now which is fabulous! 

Fabulous I am was something I created a few years ago buttt as soooo many things,  it just wasn't time yet. At that time I was creating women empowerment groups to meet up & network to empower each other.  
I was also selecting independent women whom I saw to be a inspiration to others & write about them,  their challenges,  their failures & successes. 
Things were going great,  buttt I guess MY
God still had a few things for me to live through & experience before my time to share. 

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