Sunday, January 3, 2021

Sunday morning... Gratitude

Heylo great mernin to ya fabulous ppl out there.  Happy Sunday!!! 

Let's give thanks to our most high (whomever you consider YOUR GOD) (Knowledge IS power buttt with knowledge of self your unstoppable!
You must learn how to channel in with your conscience & subconscious being. So you can live the life you want to live. 

Being a multi talented artist actress writer & creator for many years I have had my share of 
J.O.B.S. (just over broke shit) & if you use that word or any other words speaking of yourself about being in lack of well then my friend,  please do not complain about it because that's all you will get!) More to complain about. 
Those are the facts. I had to learn over much time, training,  & practice to reboot my brain from being a negative thinker / complainer (pretty much without even realizing it).  It was just what I knew from being around it soooo much) to being positive & seeing the good in any situation instead of the bad 1st. One thing I always knew for sure I was different, always the positive one who did see outside the box, who did want to live her dreams. Instead of living a life of madness which only I am responsible for creating. 

So now instead of chasing a job I knew I had to build my own businesses. 
I was never 1 to go punch a clock or listen to a boss.  I am the boss! 
So I got out, leave to another state, I started over once again buttt this time It was away from home.  I was more mature & was finally able to find my peace within. 
Life around me was changing because my inner being was happy & felt very satisfied. I had also learned there's enough of everything out here in this world for everyone. It's only a state of mind. Knowing your own conscience being. 
THE GOD & CREATOR you are within yourself.  
Healthy eating & living with a positive mind, attitude & gratitude is the way to goooo.  
I did a lil backslide buttt I am ready to come back with full force. 
Because I do want to love the life I live & being a inspiration & help to others is what makes me happy! 
It will all come to you when you let it.
Your inner you will love you soooo much
Have a great day folks
Wishing you much peace n many blessings in abundance 2021!
Be fabulous today
#gratefulheart does create #miracles

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