Sunday, August 6, 2017


Today I am writing about this Jersey Girl a very strong woman. Wendy gets an honor today for being FABULOUS I AM.
She is over 40 beautiful, and in awesome shape.
This woman here creates her income from her passion which is fitness and nutrition, Wendy studied MSC sport and exercise psychology at Brookdale Community College so she knows what foods are good for you, a healthy way of eating, figuring a plan to incorporate a healthy lifestyle. She says when you eat whole foods it reduces many health issues and she loves to educate those on a daily basis about it.  Wendy also donates her time to those who really can't afford private or personal trainers. That's a great way to give back. Inspiration to others.
Although she does have another love and passion, that is for bully breed dogs, still and all she will rescue any type of animal those are just the ones she has the most love for. 
you can find her here and get more information about her training and schedule 

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